digitize your world

Who we are…

The discovery of a hand-written family tree was the inspiration to begin a project to computerize family genealogy information. It was clear that preserving a link to the past was a distinct need. Many previous generations had worked hard to collect the information, so preserving that work became a personal goal. After consolidating the work of our ancestors, it was clear that there was much more work to be done.

After the passing of a parent, a large collection of photos and aging video films were discovered in the basement. The best way to share these treasures was to digitize them to ensure that they would not be lost to decay. This became the beginning of an adventure that lasted for more than a year. Now that the preservation of family photos, films, and videos is complete, we have decided to offer our services to others who would like to preserve their family memories.

Whether you would like to have your converted material stored on a flash drive, a cloud account, or YouTube, we will do our best to keep your memories available for future generations with the following services:

  • Website hosting
  • Website design
  • Photo scanning
  • Document scanning
  • Audio cassette tape conversion to mp3
  • Vinyl record digitizing
  • CD Rip
  • VCR tape digitizing
  • 8mm camcorder cassette digitizing
  • 8mm film reel digitizing
  • Super 8 film reel digitizing (with or without sound)
  • Photo editing for minor clean-up

Please contact us to discuss your options.